Sustainable Chippendale

A Sustainable Suburb In the Making

Sustainable Chippendale is a community initiative setup to support the Sustainable Streets and Community Plan in Chippendale. If you are passionate about sustainability we'd love you to join us in getting behind this ground breaking project to establish a practical model for sustainable inner city living in Sydney.

Recipes For Change Talk - Punk Economics with DMW

David McWillams gave a great talk tonight at #sydcitytalk run by the 'City Of Sydney'. The presentation covered topic of 'food security' this is a sort clip from his presentation, it's well worth 11 minutes of your day. Here a just a few take-outs to wet your appetite, so to speak...

- It would take 5 planet earths to support a world if we all consumed resources @ current USA standard of living levels.

- At UK standard of living consumption levels we can only support 2 billion people on the planet

- We are heading towards a global population of 10 Billion in the coming years. 

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