Sustainable Chippendale

A Sustainable Suburb In the Making

Sustainable Chippendale is a community initiative setup to support the Sustainable Streets and Community Plan in Chippendale. If you are passionate about sustainability we'd love you to join us in getting behind this ground breaking project to establish a practical model for sustainable inner city living in Sydney.

Chippendale Street Gardens

"We need to grow food where we live and work" is our motto, we are taking action on food security, we want to green and cool our streets!

We have all kinds of beautiful fruit, herbs, vegetables, leafy salads and native edible weeds growing around us! 

Currently most of our verge gardens are along Myrtle Street between Peace Park and City Road and Shepherd St, between Cleveland and Grafton st, but we are constantly growing and spreading out!

 Join us on taking care of this gardens! Come and be a part of this, be a part of your community and do something good that will make you feel great!

 Come and garden with us!

 We always need helping hands to do some prunning, mulching, aerating the compost bins, making new garden beds, planting seedlings, etc







It is truly a lovely way to start the day (we garden on Friday mornings), make some friends and get in touch with nature and with origins of our food. 


Every gardener is given the code to get into our garden shed at the basketball court of the Pine St Creative Arts Centre, so you do it on your own time if you wish, but a group of us meet on:

 Friday Mornings 9am - 11am

 by the shed on 64 Pine St, Chippendale

 Then we go around the compost bins and garden beds doing whatever need to be done and having a good time!

 We will catch you there!








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