Sustainable Chippendale

A Sustainable Suburb In the Making

Sustainable Chippendale is a community initiative setup to support the Sustainable Streets and Community Plan in Chippendale. If you are passionate about sustainability we'd love you to join us in getting behind this ground breaking project to establish a practical model for sustainable inner city living in Sydney.

Composting bins gone....

We are very sad to anounce that all bins at the Pine St Creative arts centre are now gone. The Aerobins were a huge success when it came to people using it, people come from everywhere to use them and they were all well and truly overused; but they were also a huge failure because not many of us were taking care of it, so they became infested with cockroaches...

We are looking into a diffent bin, that will hopefully work better, but this time around we will need everyone's help, if you want to use it you must also take ownership of it. So to get an ideia of how many and how big bins we should be getting we are asking you all to email us and let us know of your interest in keeping composting your waste. we are also looking into getting composting workshops for our community, so we understand what really happens inside the bins and how to help take care of them!

Happy Composting!

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