Sustainable Chippendale

A Sustainable Suburb In the Making

Sustainable Chippendale is a community initiative setup to support the Sustainable Streets and Community Plan in Chippendale. If you are passionate about sustainability we'd love you to join us in getting behind this ground breaking project to establish a practical model for sustainable inner city living in Sydney.

Chippendale’s Sustainable Streets Part two: the plan we need

Plenty of plans are written with best practice and best intentions. Implementing them always remains the difficult part. A plan, inspiring in its boldness, has now been developed to put sustainability front and centre in the workings of inner-Sydney Chippendale.

Its author, Michael Mobbs, has extracted every skerrick of knowledge he holds on leading a more sustainable existence – a journey he started with his home – as well as finding guidance and encouragement in many real-world projects both here and abroad. My previous article outlined the broad strokes of this plan, now formally titled the Sustainable Streets and Communities Plan (Chippendale). It’s not possible to convey all of its ambitions here, so why not refer to proper thing?

Read the full artile published on the British Councils Cilmate Commons site HERE

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